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Don’t Do This (I)

I put all my bagels in one basket
Then scrambled them up just like eggs
Straight to the top, only onions did pop
So I gave them all some more shakes

And once I was sure they were shuffled
(On this fact I knew I could swear)
I looked at the bin — all onions again!
The shock knocked me right to the floor

But during my drop it so happened
I bumped the basket off the range
And as they did fall, onions one and all
They knocked something right in my brain

For though all my efforts at mixing
Intended to diversify them
I guess I forgot, all I ever bought
Were bagels with onions inside them!



04 2009

Jet-Lagged Bagels

Stiff crusts
Bleary onioned
Puffy bags beneath their holes

Trying to serve themselves for dinner


03 2009

Room Service

I drank too many alcohols
To keep my thoughts in order
So when he brought my breakfast
I lambasted the porter

And said he was a commie
That his wife looked just like Stalin
And then I threw some bottles
Which made him put a call in

To the mens in charge
Who were quite large
And they gave me sneers
While I pounded beers
But I didn’t care
And I let them stare
I kicked up my feet
But when I went to eat

The tray was filled with bagels
Yet when I sorted through that junk
Not a one of thems was onion
And I knew I’d ordered drunk


03 2009