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In search of a meal, in search of a meal

When our voyage beg-
un, young were we
filling our feed
bag all day, but now
on yon-der shores
we age, while
bay gulls peck hungrily
at our bones.

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02 2009

first, the bad news:

the dealer’s corpse was rotting at a quite alarming rate
i couldn’t get the bags of blow to all fit in their crate
on accident i handcuffed my own ankle to the grate
and my partner in a panic crashed our car right out the gate

the fire from the hill was now engulfing the estate
and the sirens in the distance signaled our impending date
i didn’t have much choice but to accept my destined fate
so i grabbed an onion bagel, said a prayer of thanks and ate

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02 2009

Green Onion Bagel (I)

It must’ve fallen
from the counter,
and rolled back
here only God
knows when

Breath bated,
I reach behind
the fridge

and bag it


01 2009

the darkness

the darkness sets in
not again
i pray
but i know it’s too late

my face
hot heat beyond
i spring up
i sprint forth

pounding lungs
___screaming not
enough air not
__enough time i

slide stockings                      across linoleum

mouth agape
from panting
from horror
for now
i see it

black smoke spiraling ceilingward
onion bagel burning below

i curse the
funeral pyre
before me

both for not
when it should have
for not being
powerful enough
to take
as well

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01 2009

murder at 425º – or – what’s barry mcguire gonna’ eat for breakfast now?

watch out, woman
cause there’s a burning inside-a me
there’s a fire down deep
and it’s create-n a heat
that you ain’t gonna wan-na see no part of

look out, brotha
cause my temperature’s outta control
my wiring’s all shot
and i’m toast-n too hot
and i ain’t got no problem with burnt onions

cool it, barry
cause destruction is what i know most
my blood’s so mad
it feels like incinerate-n
and your bagel’s about-ta be toast

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12 2008


seems oh so overwhelming
feels a little too Plain
Seeds of all sorts
tend to bunch up my shorts
And Garlic
leaves a bad taste in my brain

what a wasted opportunity
makes me thirsty as a flea
Cheese Ones are disquieting
(they make me feel like dieting)
And Egg
would revolt the bourgeoisie

only serve to clog my toaster
will destroy you just like meth
Jalapenos, leave me be
For there’s just one kind for me
Give me Onion
or give me a swift death!

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12 2008