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me bagel is watched by me trusty guard donkey
ee’s woolly and watchful and if ye hear im honkey
ye best turn afoot and git outta dis place
or eel frighten the onions right offa ye face!

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03 2009

Limerick #3

when i taste a rich bagel crust
whose onion topping is robust
the joy’s so severe
that i truly do fear
my tongue might spontaneously combust

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02 2009


is for onion
the bagel i like most
N is for not ever equating it
to toast – that would be insanity,
which is what the I is for, and if you try to
say it’s not, i’ll just come   bust down your door
and i’ll wear a mask,             and i’ll carry an axe
and a can of gas and              a bunch of matches
and you’ll be all like,          oh god, no! which in
case you didn’t get it       is what the second O
is for, but i won’t even hear your pleas,
cause i’ll be busy creaming cheese
once you get a taste of these,
you’ll Never make that
error again


02 2009

the darkness

the darkness sets in
not again
i pray
but i know it’s too late

my face
hot heat beyond
i spring up
i sprint forth

pounding lungs
___screaming not
enough air not
__enough time i

slide stockings                      across linoleum

mouth agape
from panting
from horror
for now
i see it

black smoke spiraling ceilingward
onion bagel burning below

i curse the
funeral pyre
before me

both for not
when it should have
for not being
powerful enough
to take
as well

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01 2009