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not the silly car i drove
or the goofy hair i had
not the food we didn’t eat
or the movie that was bad
not the single-gendered dorm
with girls passing in the hall
not the rectress around the corner
watching one and all
not even the smell of onion bagels
from the garbage bin
could keep our lips from touching
once our romance did begin

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04 2009

The Bagel of Love

My love for you’s a circle
a never-ending ring
As soon as I complete it
I start circling again
Before long I get dizzy
and back and forth I sway
But still I keep on loving you
until I can’t see straight
At some point I get spin-sick
start hacking up a lung
I black out then come to face down
in half-digested onion
Yet I know it’s all worth it
for you’re my favorite thing
I’ll shower off then get right back
to loving you again

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04 2009


My baby is the beans to my burrito
the Cool Ranch seasoning to my Dorito
Her love’s the hot sauce on my chicken wing
she always gets my gravy thickening
She’s the Pez I want in my Dispenser
she knows how to put garlic in my mincer
My girl’s the icing on my English tea cake
and the Whiz Wit’ inside my Philly Cheesesteak

She’s the sugar in my coffee and the honey in my tea
the Fruit that’s in my Roll-Up and the Sun in my Capri
She’s wasabi on my sushi and the corn around my cob
the super tasty Everlasting stopper to my Gob

As if this weren’t already a fulfilling love buffet I’ll
just throw in that my baby is the onion to my bagel



04 2009

Limerick #4

I wedded a wee farmer’s daughter
and felt so fortuned that I caught ‘er
when she stuck out her finger
I mistook her ringer
for an onion-baked bagel I bought ‘er

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03 2009

a love poem of sorts

i need to know
how is it so
that rings of dough
make my blood flow

for i can’t see
how it could be
that it’s just me
whose heart’s so free

to heed that call
in lust i fall
and then we ball
onions and all

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03 2009

The Bagelor

First he picked the Sesame
but when he sent the Other away,
The rivers pouring from his eyes
his true feelings did betray

The memories of departed love
were not ones he could shake,
So when he had a second chance
he said this was a mistake

He broke the fresh-baked Bagel heart
of the first one that he chose,
Then wisely offered his Onion love
the last and final rose


03 2009

The Judgment

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
When it’s all settled then you must
Look back and ask Did I do well?
(Read: Will I go to heaven, or will I go to hell?)
Did I make the most of gifts I was given?
Did I show thanks for the life I was livin’?
Did I love my friends and my family too?
Did I even love people I hardly knew?
Did I make the most of every minute?
(Read: Were all my bagels ones with onion in it?)


02 2009

Dumb Love

You’re my baby bagel baby
my bitty baby boo
My only one and onion baby
my flippy flappy floo
I love my cutie crusty crazy
cupie soupy stew
My huggy holey humpy habee
braggly smaggle poo

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02 2009

Alma Bagel

This bagel before me
Is onion through and through
I’ll always adore thee
And to thy hole be true

Your onions gleam golden
You’re toasty to the touch
I’ll never behold one
I want to eat this much
I’ll never behold one
I long to love so much


02 2009

Digging a Tunnel

I’m digging a tunnel
From my heart to yours
To carve out this pathway
I’m fighting on all fours

Reminds me of digging
That I did once before
Through an onion bagel
Inside the grocery store

I tore out one section
Just to get it started
Then dug with my finger
Until the insides parted

Before long I had a
Hollow bagel in my cart
Too bad it’s much tougher
For me to win your heart

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02 2009