watching a lightly beaten egg slowly drizzled over an uncut onion bagel

the cup is handled
and notched
it is tilted at a 45-degree angle
now at a 46-degree angle
now 47, now 48

the yellow creeps toward the notch
with absolutely
of urgency

it is yellow and
it is clear and
it is clear bubbles inside thick strands
of yellow and clear
it slides toward the notch
at a 49-degree angle

peeking its bulbous eye
over the curved rim
of the handled glass cup,
it pauses

then plunges

it is a thick elastic strap of yellow and clear
stretching and straining
it is thin
it is thick
it is thin
it splatters on the golden
ring below

steam and spray

cool egg
meets hot crust
and clinging
to every curve

somebody should put that thing in the oven
’cause right now
it’s inedible

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11 2009

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