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please save my child!

my son is trapped
in an onion bagel
flying across the sky!

no wait, i see now
that makes no sense

never mind
ignore me
my bad

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10 2009

Haiku #10

Packing dilemma:
Carry-on onion bagels
Or risk checking them?

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09 2009

being eaten by a bear

not unexpected:
razored paws slice easily
through blood-lush flesh,
first bites taken from torso,
slobber is omnipresent

a complete surprise:
final thoughts focus
on the onion bagel,
sitting on my dash

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08 2009


I spied a bagel on the beach
Shining in the sand,
Alas! It was beyond the reach
Of my eager hand;
I swam and struggled, soaking wet
Through the rising tide,
But never could quite get to it
No matter how I tried;
To the ocean’s depths I chased
That lusted onioned ring,
Plainly for the merest taste
I’d do anything;
My air-starved brain became less clear
And then threw in the towel,
I dreamt that bagel cupped my ear
And heard my stomach growl.


08 2009

a possible explanation as to why i woke up shouting “onion!” this morning

last night i dreamed
of two blades that gleamed
the first one sliced through a cheese that creamed

the second seemed
to be horror themed
when it cut the crust my bagel screamed

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07 2009

sense of uneasiness felt upon returning home after dark

front door pushes open
kitchen light lit
knife block turned slightly out of place

are those crumbs on the carpet?
cream cheese on the rail?
the faint waft of onion in the hall?

i want to throw back that bedspread
and reveal a harmless pillow,
but the pit in my stomach says i shouldn’t

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06 2009

the truant

punk kid
slouching on the sidewalk
winging onion bagels
at the elderly

where’s your mother

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06 2009

The Note

iF YoU evEr WAnT
TO seE yOUr PrecIoUS
onIOn bAgeL AgAIn

leAvE tHReE DoLLArs
iN uNmaRKed COinS
uNDer tHe gReEN beNCh
IN THe paRk

EncL: crUMbs
(tO ShOW i meAn bUSiNesS)

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06 2009

good morning

it is a circle
it is an O
it is the look of
it is horror
it is terror
it is a scream
it is a silent scream
it is an onion flavored silent scream
it is unable to save you


05 2009

too little, too late

i’m drowning in the ocean
not a life raft in sight
this little toaster waffle
won’t keep me upright

i’m fighting through the currents
in search of a buoy
that itty bitty muffin top
doesn’t float things worth hooey

i’m flailing in the water
someone toss me a ring!
your tiny onion bagel
couldn’t rescue anything

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05 2009