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missing you

thumbnails to fingertips, scrape til it burns
digits twitch hungrily, yearning to hold
cds or tuna cans, small plastic bowls
something worth cradling, holey or no

closing my eyelids tight, nostrils flared wide
scents i can’t live without, glide through my head
hot crunchy cracking crust, oniony dough
make me feel whole again, though just for now


10 2009

Olde Town

I dropped my bag upon the cobblestone,
And all my cherished things were strewn about:
My phone and wallet, sunglasses and keys,
A tin of breath mints I’d not opened yet,
Some tokens for the bus I had to take,
And flowers for the girl I’d ride it to,
A nearly finished thesis manuscript,
My passport, birth certificate, false teeth,
(Some real teeth and a couple fingertips)
And several handfuls of pure gold doubloons.

Though this did not upset me much at all,
I wept to see my onion bagel fall.

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09 2009