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Limerick #8

To those who find a turkey sandwich boring,
It’s not the meat that leaves your taste buds snoring,
Swap out that stale old bread,
With fresh bagels instead,
Their toasted onion taste is worth adoring.

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11 2009

the band

this unbroken ring shows all
that our union shall not fall,
endless in its circled line,
our two separate lives combine
onion taste we both adore,
mark our love forevermore

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10 2009

my tire, my onion bagel, my love

when you’re not round, i go nowhere
i’m flat and lifeless, needing air

when you’re not round, things feel so wrong
all other shapes just don’t belong

when you’re not ’round, i’m out of whack
so please be kind, and come right back


10 2009

Sonnet IX

I once had all for which I could have dreamed:
A warm place where my chilled body could toast,
My crust was hale; my cheese was soft and creamed
And there! My better half that I loved most

But fast like startled dough my fortunes fell
With flesh, once fresh, turned stale and hard as stone;
She parted without even a farewell
Leaving me bitter, broken and alone

Now as I drink away my passing years
(Enough to make a dozen men go blind),
My glass collects these falling onion tears
While just one slurring thought rolls round my mind:

Perhaps she would still be with me tonight,
If we’d have borne a mini bagel bite.


09 2009


For four years now my bagel’s been the best I’ve ever had,
She’s nourished me through sick and health, through times both good and bad

Sometimes her skin gets toasty brown, but usually it’s pale,
It’s soft and smooth and appetizing, anything but stale

Her onions can be spicy, and they also can be sweet,
But any way you slice them, they’re the kind I like to eat

Our past four years have flown by faster than a toaster’s ding,
Still I can’t wait to get a taste of what our next ones bring

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08 2009

to us

we get along so famously,
like we’re on access hollywood;
our conversation is so rich,
it could get thieved by robin hood

we’re flirty, fun and fabulous,
like all those gay dudes on queer eye;
our chemistry is full of bangs,
like mr. wizard screwed bill nye

if he could feel the way we do,
keanu reeves would just say whoa;
we match each other perfectly,
like onion flakes and bagel dough

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07 2009

For Barla (aka Marry)

My bagel once was bare,
unbearable to stand
I’d barely get it in my mouth
then spit it out — so bland!

But then while at the market,
this morsel I did meet
It made my meal taste marvelous
— a magic onion treat!

At once I wanted nothing more
than for us to part never —
So soon we’ll whet our appetites
in wedded bliss forever!

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06 2009

The Mother of All Bagel Poems – or – Who’s in the Mood for Brunch?

O, Onion Bagel
I honor you this day
For you feed me
You nourish me
You give me life from yours
You carry me through my mornings
And deliver me to each new-born day
You are wholesome
And true
So thank you, Dear Bagel
I will always love you

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05 2009

A Glorious Reunion

Our faces press together like two halves of the same bagel
rejoined at long last
Nose to cheek to chin to brow
Every bump finding a place to nestle every contour
meeting its mirrored mate
Mouth to mouth to lips
forming that all-important hole
So soft so seamless so perfectly aligned that if Jesus Christ Himself
had been born the Son of a baker instead of a carpenter He still
could not have shaped it better
It is the sweet smell of dough it is the tart taste of onion
It is the red glow of burning coils
and fireworks

I believe our two halves must have been covered in cream cheese ‘cause
I couldn’t pry myself away from you if I tried


05 2009


rowing my trusty onion skin
across the bagel sea
serrated oars slice silently
through creamy swells
though arms grow weary
i forge ahead
my love lies waiting
on yonder shore
and no crumby surf
no red hot coil of sun
no dark and bottomless whirl
amidst this vast unforgiving pool
shall keep me away
from her


05 2009