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O Poppy! My Poppy!

O Poppy! My Poppy! The one who gave me life!
You guide me with a wisdom sharp as a serrated knife
I’m molded in the image that you rolled me in before
If I could be like you one day I would not ask for more
But O! Lo! Poppy, no!
Such daggers through my heart!
They say I’ll never fill your shoes
For I taste much too tart

O Poppy! My Poppy! It’s time I face the truth
My crust will never strike like yours upon a waiting tooth
Though I’m your seed I must concede I have none of my own
I waver from your flavor and can never be your clone
Yet Pop! O! This I’ll let go
Without one curse or damn
I’ll love the onions out of me
And be proud of who I am


12 2009

family feast

heading down to the delicatessen
i learned a valuable mathematics lesson

eight siblings, two parents and one cousin
looks like we’ll need an even dozen

but if i subtract my family tree,
there’s twelve onion bagels all for me

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05 2009

The Mother of All Bagel Poems – or – Who’s in the Mood for Brunch?

O, Onion Bagel
I honor you this day
For you feed me
You nourish me
You give me life from yours
You carry me through my mornings
And deliver me to each new-born day
You are wholesome
And true
So thank you, Dear Bagel
I will always love you

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05 2009

The Judgment

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
When it’s all settled then you must
Look back and ask Did I do well?
(Read: Will I go to heaven, or will I go to hell?)
Did I make the most of gifts I was given?
Did I show thanks for the life I was livin’?
Did I love my friends and my family too?
Did I even love people I hardly knew?
Did I make the most of every minute?
(Read: Were all my bagels ones with onion in it?)


02 2009

The Golden One

My father always told me “Onion bagels grow on trees”
And so I spent my school-age years amassing expertise
So I could scour the continents and sail the seven seas
Searching for the only plant that would my soul appease

As time elapsed the hope I had was pushed aside by doubt
For I’d found nothing even though I’d traveled all about
And so I grabbed my father and irately I did shout
He said “I meant to say they don’t – did I leave that word out?”


02 2009

Green Onion Bagel (III)

I remember
that day that
I finally
heard the words
I believe
you are old enough
to help

at the boiling
water below,
I imagined bragging
and boasting
the other boys
would be
so impressed

But when I
grabbed that
golden ring,
offered it for inspection
I only heard
No! Oh no!
That one isn’t
ready yet

And I knew
neither was I


01 2009

Reflections on Daughterhood

“Be wary of men bearing bagels,”
My mother would often warn me,
“Although they may make you feel thankful,
Such gifts are quite often not free.”

If only my youthful ears listened
Alas! I believed I knew better,
My morals were frequently loosened
By an Xs- and Bagels-signed letter.

I’d smile for a boy serving sesames,
I’d wink at a guy wielding wheats,
Before long, men were undressing me
By baiting me with blueberry treats.

But my heart only fell for one Romeo
Who made me forget all the rest,
His sweet onion bagel aroma
Awakened true love in my breast.

In nine months I found myself natal,
And our daughter drove him away,
“Be wary of men bearing bagels,”
I oftentimes tell her today.


01 2009


My Daddy was a bagelman
way out in Idaho
My Momma worked the onion fields
in old New Mexico
They kissed in Loosiana
with the stars shinin’ above
Raised a baker’s dozen children
filled with hope, cream cheese and love


12 2008