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i blame the corpus callosum

right hand palms bagel
left hand saws teeth back and forth
disaster follows

falling onion crumbs pile high
crooked gash proves me inept

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11 2009

Tanka #3

Which bagel to choose:
Plain, wheat, garlic, blueberry?
Indecision kills –
Some hand plucks the last onion,
Rue the one that got away.


09 2009

Tanka #2

It’s done nothing wrong
(except for smelling strongly)
But is that worth death?
Hunger pangs growl Barrabas!
Can I wash my knife of this?


08 2009

Tanka #1

ears have heard no ding
nostrils have whiffed no onion
yet i know it’s time
kitchenward my clock takes me
i sense my bagel is done

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08 2009