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promises from your fellow bus rider

i’m gonna mutter to myself
i’m gonna tell me how it is
i’m gonna laugh at all my jokes
i’m gonna give myself the biz
i’m gonna argue and debate
i’m gonna hum and rock and dance
i’m gonna find an onion bagel
i’d forgotten in my pants

i’m gonna start to raise my voice
i’m gonna whisper really quiet
i’m gonna tell me to calm down
i’m gonna try and start a riot
i’m gonna take off all my clothes
i’m gonna fall right on the floor
i’m gonna eat my onion bagel
as i get kicked out the door


12 2009

welcome to l.a., suckers!

when traffic’s terrible, slowed to a crawl,
my bagel-bicycle blows by them all,
two tires speeding past motorists’ mirrors,
you’d think they were onions, to see all their tears!


11 2009

off to the pool

stuffed in the back seat
the four of us ride
our summer shined skin
sticks to the seat’s hide
and to one another
at shoulders and knees
heads tilt toward the window
in search of cool breeze
there aren’t enough seat belts
but we feel no scare
like bagged onion bagels
we’re going nowhere


11 2009

Falling off a bike

happens in a vacuum —
launching forward
through soundless space,
head then feet then helmet
then head then feet

limp body
looping like a bagel,
silent gasp trailing from
gaping mouth

then fall

sound returns
with a punch to the lungs,
a patch of angry gravel,
and a fresh-baked batch
of bloody onion bruises


08 2009


Twelve-year-old tongue kissers
touching tonsils on the bus
Smacking like a gum-chewing waitress
Slurping like they’re sucking onions
through bagel holes

Making me wanna change my seat


08 2009

Green Onion Bagel (IV)

It snatched its
Sierra Club handbag

Hopped in its
hybrid two-door

And drove
the delicatessen’s
to the center


01 2009

a crossing

black bordered
yellow diamond

your silhouetted shapes
drive me to look

am i
like this diamond?

am i bordered
by blackness?
am i
am i filled
with shapes so simple:

one large ring
followed closely
by three smaller ones?

the questions cross
my mind
the answers cross
my lips



a dozen times —

oh, wait
those aren’t onion bagels

they’re ducks


01 2009

tell ’em jimmy the elf sent you

if your tire runs flat
and you haven’t a spare
and also you’re a magical forest creature

try using a bagel
with tread made of onions
i know a guy who could get you quite a deal


12 2008