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our world is a bagel
so rich and full of life
it teems with grain and onion
each time you slice your knife

on sad days though it’s empty
like nothing’s even there
a hole inside a bagel
mere wafts of spicy air

but lest these thoughts dismay you
or leave you burnt and numb
remember life’s a bagel
and this plight’s just a crumb


11 2009

No Poem Today

No poem today, I’m not in the mood
Not thinking ’bout writing, rhyming or food
No witty remarks about onions or grain
No crust-laden metaphors crossing my brain
I’d rather just sit here in silence and sorrow
So no poem today, please check back tomorrow

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10 2009

Maybe It’s Just A Phase

My onion bagel once was full
A wond’rous glowing sight
But since I started eating it
It’s just been losing light
I nibbled first around one edge
And much to my surprise
It turned into a gibbous ring
Before my very eyes
The more I ate the more it waned
Which was a true depressant
I soon found I had nothing left
Except a fresh baked crescent
Reluctantly I passed the final
Bite between my lips
Then spent the moonless night in tears
Mourning its eclipse

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08 2009

i caught her crying again

though she cleared her throat,
and sleeved
her tissue

i knew
the moment i walked in

her face was blotched as an onion bagel
and her eyes
as empty as holes



07 2009

spring cleaning

you find
a bagel

you are
the couch cushions

do not
shed a tear

if it
isĀ onion,
shed several.

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03 2009

The Bagelor

First he picked the Sesame
but when he sent the Other away,
The rivers pouring from his eyes
his true feelings did betray

The memories of departed love
were not ones he could shake,
So when he had a second chance
he said this was a mistake

He broke the fresh-baked Bagel heart
of the first one that he chose,
Then wisely offered his Onion love
the last and final rose


03 2009


the first tear came from chopping onions
but the ones that came next:
salty memories
long forgotten
straight from hell
or middle school
(she wasn’t sure which)

part of her wished she hadn’t remembered at all

next time
she’d make sesame bagels


12 2008