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Green Onion Bagel (VI)

on Earth
did they put
in this bagel?


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01 2009

Green Onion Bagel (V)

I hope my eyes
are deceiving me
I think that bagel’s
about to blow



01 2009

Green Onion Bagel (IV)

It snatched its
Sierra Club handbag

Hopped in its
hybrid two-door

And drove
the delicatessen’s
to the center


01 2009

Green Onion Bagel (III)

I remember
that day that
I finally
heard the words
I believe
you are old enough
to help

at the boiling
water below,
I imagined bragging
and boasting
the other boys
would be
so impressed

But when I
grabbed that
golden ring,
offered it for inspection
I only heard
No! Oh no!
That one isn’t
ready yet

And I knew
neither was I


01 2009

Green Onion Bagel (II)

Buried at the bottom
of the bin
it waits
bagel after bagel
(after bagel)
chosen above,
clutched to chests,
cherished, chewed
like it longs to be

and it wonders

What makes those guys
so goddamned special?


01 2009

Green Onion Bagel (I)

It must’ve fallen
from the counter,
and rolled back
here only God
knows when

Breath bated,
I reach behind
the fridge

and bag it


01 2009

Enlightening the World, One Bite at a Time

This bagel sitting before me,
is better than I’ll ever be;
For I’m a statue, so lazy,
just watching refuse on TV;
Yet it smells sweet and oniony,
and offers up this guarantee:

“Bring to me all your hungry,
your twisted tummies too achy;
I lift my lamp for these to see
a tasty way to set thee free!”

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01 2009

The Onion, The Bagel, The Cream Cheese, and The Child Complaining of Hunger Pains

Maybe if you grease me,
I might grill better

Were you to toast me,
I might taste better

Perhaps if you stir me,
I might spread better

If only you would feed me,
I might finally be able to stop suffering from malnutrition


01 2009

On Being Pungent

I’ve seen them staring
sideways and shifty
eyelids aflutter, thinking
I’d better be subtle
but it’s too late
for the flare of their nostrils
betrays them
What is that smell?
they wonder and
their wandering eyes
inevitably fall
to me

I’ve seen d-i-s-g-u-s-t
written upon their faces
but I
can read
between the lines
I know
those looks
are not for me
but for their friends
for the others for
the public for

For when they draw
closed their
kitchen drapes
these puritanical politicians
these religiously righteous
refusers s-t-o-p
turning up their noses —
they come in close
breathe in deep
and taste
I’ve seen them do it
I’ve seen them all


01 2009

An Easy Choice

encircling the Rock
making Paper crumby
Scissors gumming over

Onion Bagel bests all

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01 2009