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Have I Seen This Lifetime Movie Already?

Young bagel heroine
fresh-faced and sweet
meeting the boy of her dreams

I’ve got a feeling
before this thing’s over
cops will find onion crumbs in his trunk


12 2009

interflavor marriage

few think that we’ll last
from two sides of tracks
so they point and laugh
just ’cause we contrast

onion and plain snacks
– each its better half


11 2009

us, now

though you betray my trust
with countless lies you tell,
i shall not break like crust
or hope you burn in hell,
i’ve peeled back all your layers
and cried at every one,
recited many prayers
but now i swear i’m done,
at last i have control
and from you i shall part,
just like a bagel’s hole
i see right through your heart


11 2009

Past Mistakes –or– Breakfast Is On Me, Beyoncé

You told me if I like it then
I shoulda put a ring on it
(Which I never did for you)

But I like this onion bagel
Way too much to ever lose it
(So I put it in a stack of two)


10 2009

Sonnet X

I’ve gripped a bagel curve or two before,
And though they all have let me get my fill,
As soon as each one’s gone I just crave more,
Which leaves me in a battle of the will;
For I know I could trace these lines all day,
Caressing them with fingers, lips and tongue,
Live out my years in fresh-baked ecstasy,
‘Til one day I’m no longer fresh and young;
Then, belly full and burping, I’d look back,
At all the onioned rings around my life,
And wonder, did this excess cause some lack,
In love shown to my friends, my kids, my wife?
Such thoughts provoke an emptiness profound,
Yet my mind can’t prevent them spinning round.


10 2009

Haiku #11

Out with garlic friend
Seated next to onion ex
Totally awkward


10 2009

Weather, Or Not

This hillside is burning, and so is my heart
With homes, and relationships, falling apart
The things we once cherished are those we now harm
As fire trucks, and consciences, sound their alarm
Our tree trunks, and dreams for the future, are charred
Reduced to a pile of ash in the yard
Was the culprit a toaster set too far to dark?
Or a boiling hot, spiced bagel of a remark?


08 2009


smokin’ hot bagels on each of my arms,
rings can’t resist all my oven-baked charms

sesames, poppies, onions and wheats,
i make ’em all come leave their crumbs in my sheets

pickin’ up roundies wherever i go,
they spread their cream cheese before i say hello

to all you shy bagels who can’t keep it real,
don’t hate the eata’, just hate the meal


07 2009


this is important:
the water must be warm
the yeast must be dry
the dough must rise for about an hour

this means something:
i call but no answer
i wait for the tone
i try again in thirty minutes

this is important:
the salt must be kosher
the onions must be toasted
the rings must rise again, half as long as before

this means something:
you say you’re not home
your car’s in your driveway
your silhouette’s in your window, dancing

this is important:
the water must be sugared
the sheet must be greased
the oven must be preheated to 400 degrees

this means something:
the fire alarms blare
the ambulance arrives late
the police say it was all an accident


05 2009

A Bitter Split

Although once inseparable,
things mightily changed
when the bottom smelled
suspiciously of onions

Top left the bread box
moved back with its folks

The crumbs are the ones
really suffering


04 2009