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That clock is a pizza

That clock is a pizza,
Twelve slices round,
Or an onion bagel,
All toasty and browned,
Now it’s a pie filled
With fruit or with meat,
What time is lunch coming?
I’m dying to eat!

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11 2009

Midnight, Friday the 13th

The scariest hour on the scariest night,
Descends when your hunger sends you down a flight
Of rickety stairs with a creak and a crack,
And into the kitchen in search of a snack

Blinded by light pouring from the fridge door,
You fumble your way through each shelf, rack and drawer
Only to find what you had the most feared,
Somehow your onion bagels disappeared!


11 2009

Dante knows what I’m talking about

I’m cooking with Satan in the bowels of Hell
A kitchen so heated even souls perspire
Watching the dough rise with the angel who fell

But each time I reach for those treats I desire
Oniony bagels that tempt me eternal
His devilish toaster pops out rings of fire

Damn this unworking appliance infernal!
(Yet it’s meaningless to at Lucifer yell)
I’ll just write this grievance down in my journal
Then go to bed hungry once more in my cell


08 2009

The Parting

I sliced through my bagel, onions and all,
watching two halves flank my knife and then fall;
And there in that instant, decided that I
should not stop myself with a severance so small.

My hand sent the blade crashing down through the plate,
its shattering tune did my eardrums elate;
I turned to the counter, told it goodbye,
and threw myself headlong at my now sealed fate.

Sawing through cupboards and saucepans and grills,
never before had life borne such thrills;
Down through the floorboards my dagger did fly
digging deeper and darker than oilmen’s drills.

Through the earth’s layers my bayonet burst,
’til into the caverns of Hell I’d immersed;
Hungering now in the fires I just sigh,
why didn’t I think to eat breakfast first?

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06 2009

Preparation = Salvation

By baking and boiling you cover your bases
Like double or triple knotting your shoelaces
You make sure your onion doughs stay in their places
And knock the hunger right out of eaters’ faces


06 2009

how this poison i’m about to inject you with will quickly and painfully kill you

within seconds,
it attacks
your respiration,
shriveling your lungs
like dried
onion flakes

soon your heart
will feel
squeezed in
a bagel hole,
a tortuous struggle
with every pump

finally your brain
will begin to melt,
and mushing
’til it turns to
cream cheese

excuse me one moment
i must
go fix breakfast
(why do i
even try this
before eating?)

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05 2009

Enlightening the World, One Bite at a Time

This bagel sitting before me,
is better than I’ll ever be;
For I’m a statue, so lazy,
just watching refuse on TV;
Yet it smells sweet and oniony,
and offers up this guarantee:

“Bring to me all your hungry,
your twisted tummies too achy;
I lift my lamp for these to see
a tasty way to set thee free!”

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01 2009

Praise Song for the Bagel, A Poem for Watching Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration on TV

Each morning we go and do our business,
we flush and we jump in the shower
or not, drying and then dressing.

All inside us is hunger. All inside us is
pang and rumble, yearn and ache, we
long for something touching our tongues.

Someone is scrambling an egg, boiling
water for coffee, Popping a Tart,
heating the things that taste better hot.

A woman in a hairnet waits on tables.
A line cook examines the melting butter.
A hostess says Please. Let me seat you now.

Say it plain: that many have slaved over this meal.
Sing the names of those who brought it here,
who plowed the fields, planted the crops,

picked the onions and the wheat, kneaded
batch by batch the glorious dough
they would then roll into perfect little rings.

Praise song for the bakers, praise song for the meal.
Praise song for every boiled little bite,
the chewing-it-up at kitchen tables.

Some live by you are what you eat,
others by an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
But what if the mightiest food is bagels?

Praise song for getting something in our stomachs.


01 2009

Apologies to Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville

Look at this onion,
compressed by dehydration.
Look at this bagel,
awaiting mastication;

Ooh —

I don’t know much,
but I know I’m hungry,
and that may be all I need to know.


01 2009