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Haiku #13

they’re all a-f-k
in onion bagel chatrooms


11 2009

my tire, my onion bagel, my love

when you’re not round, i go nowhere
i’m flat and lifeless, needing air

when you’re not round, things feel so wrong
all other shapes just don’t belong

when you’re not ’round, i’m out of whack
so please be kind, and come right back


10 2009

No rest for the yeasty

No rest for the yeasty:
mixed up,
and left alone in the dark

They still expect you
to rise,
right on cue,
as if nothing ever happened

Did onion bring those tears to their eyes?
Or guilt?


10 2009

Sonnet IX

I once had all for which I could have dreamed:
A warm place where my chilled body could toast,
My crust was hale; my cheese was soft and creamed
And there! My better half that I loved most

But fast like startled dough my fortunes fell
With flesh, once fresh, turned stale and hard as stone;
She parted without even a farewell
Leaving me bitter, broken and alone

Now as I drink away my passing years
(Enough to make a dozen men go blind),
My glass collects these falling onion tears
While just one slurring thought rolls round my mind:

Perhaps she would still be with me tonight,
If we’d have borne a mini bagel bite.


09 2009


Soon is slippery
It’s well-oiled dough
It may rise fast
Or take ages to grow

Soon is layered
Though tasty at first
The bigger your bite
The greater your thirst

Soon is deceptive
A hole baked in bread
The promise of fullness
That’s empty instead

Soon is crooked
Like my furrowed brow
Though I’ll see you soon,
I miss you right now


09 2009

the loneliest bagel

once, we were six
all stacked in our sack
the closest of friends there could be

but each one got picked
made into a snack
and now all that’s left is just me

their scent lingers still
a strong onion smell
that oft makes me tear up and wail

i fear that i will
stay trapped in this cell
til time, and fresh air, turn me stale


07 2009


I always would long for more time
and for more cream cheese as well
until one day when I got both
and my life went straight to hell

I thought long days would be fruitful
but they’re just lonely instead
and I can’t taste any onion
under all this extra spread

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05 2009

the struggle

quite often when i’ve ate my din
the folks i know won’t say hello
though i nod and wave they act like they’ve
never seen my face and away they race
leaving me alone to cry and moan
what could it be that makes them flee?
yet deep down i know with each burp i blow
that my bagel breath sickens them to death

yes my love of onion has me shunned and
all this scorn leaves me somewhat torn
should i change my flavor to gain their favor —
or enjoy my food in solitude?


04 2009

speech on a sidewalk

hold on to your bag, lady
or you gonna lose it
cuz i think you’s
in harm’s way
this city moves fast and
those cars move faster
and your cart
with that bum wheel
ain’t helping any

i see your mouth moving
it’s talking to no one
and no body
is listening good
your temper goes quick
but your loved ones go quicker
til one day
you’s all you
got left

hold on to your bagel, lady
cuz i think you hungry
and that’s all the food
that you got
those onions smell stanky
but your breath smell stankier
and i won’t always be
givin you
this advice


02 2009

the disappearing light of day

i sat with a bagel
and let it teach me
all it knew

every curve
held a lesson
each bit of onion
contained a truth
the top showed me things
the bottom could not
yet the bottom
shared a wiser view

i discovered
these teachings were lost
perhaps they were
only a dream

in sadness
and silence
and solitude
i ate it
but honestly, it ate me too


02 2009