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That clock is a pizza

That clock is a pizza,
Twelve slices round,
Or an onion bagel,
All toasty and browned,
Now it’s a pie filled
With fruit or with meat,
What time is lunch coming?
I’m dying to eat!

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11 2009

Bee for Bagel

O, fragrant and flowery bread bouquet
For you my loins tremble,
Aflutter, abuzz
I’d circle your circles all night and all day
Then cover my legs with your crumbs,
Just because


10 2009

my tire, my onion bagel, my love

when you’re not round, i go nowhere
i’m flat and lifeless, needing air

when you’re not round, things feel so wrong
all other shapes just don’t belong

when you’re not ’round, i’m out of whack
so please be kind, and come right back


10 2009

well hello there

skin smooth and strokeable
lust inducing perfume
curves from here to my grandchildren

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10 2009


Soon is slippery
It’s well-oiled dough
It may rise fast
Or take ages to grow

Soon is layered
Though tasty at first
The bigger your bite
The greater your thirst

Soon is deceptive
A hole baked in bread
The promise of fullness
That’s empty instead

Soon is crooked
Like my furrowed brow
Though I’ll see you soon,
I miss you right now


09 2009


I spied a bagel on the beach
Shining in the sand,
Alas! It was beyond the reach
Of my eager hand;
I swam and struggled, soaking wet
Through the rising tide,
But never could quite get to it
No matter how I tried;
To the ocean’s depths I chased
That lusted onioned ring,
Plainly for the merest taste
I’d do anything;
My air-starved brain became less clear
And then threw in the towel,
I dreamt that bagel cupped my ear
And heard my stomach growl.


08 2009

Sweet, Sweet Onion Bagel Memories (Are All That I Have Left)

My first bite of bagel burnt the tip of my tongue,
so to cool it I blew all the air from my lung.

The next bite was so hot it scalded my lip,
so I sent it to Iceland on a simmer-down trip.

The steam from bite three felt like fire on my face,
so I built it a rocket and launched it through space.

Now my wounds have healed and my bagel’s no more,
yet I find myself longing for bite number four.


07 2009


rowing my trusty onion skin
across the bagel sea
serrated oars slice silently
through creamy swells
though arms grow weary
i forge ahead
my love lies waiting
on yonder shore
and no crumby surf
no red hot coil of sun
no dark and bottomless whirl
amidst this vast unforgiving pool
shall keep me away
from her


05 2009

single serving cream cheese container

you know you got it goin’ on
everything i want
and need in one
conveniently pocketable package

i long to touch you
to feel your cool against my warm
fingertips taking hold
lifting lustfully on your waiting lid

and now it is time to spread
my blade begins
you are smooth
and you are generous but only at first

for midway through my onion bagel’s
second half you empty
leaving me — and the promise you made —
forever unfulfilled


04 2009

A Less-Than-Famous Love Letter From Kilmainham Gaol

Molly, oh Molly, I’ve been a damned fool
an utterly mad imbecile
I’ve left you unmarried, unloved and alone
while on onion bagels I’d fill

But now that I’ve said it, it seems not insane
in fact I feel it’s well thought through
For bagels awaken a new love each day —
unchained and unfettered by you


03 2009