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us, now

though you betray my trust
with countless lies you tell,
i shall not break like crust
or hope you burn in hell,
i’ve peeled back all your layers
and cried at every one,
recited many prayers
but now i swear i’m done,
at last i have control
and from you i shall part,
just like a bagel’s hole
i see right through your heart


11 2009

no vacancy

opening the drawer to find
but a bible-shaped absence
of dust,
i consider commandment
number 8

though not exactly eye for eye,
i offer
my only onion bagel meal,
my fullness for that of this
motel room desk

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10 2009

Tanka #2

It’s done nothing wrong
(except for smelling strongly)
But is that worth death?
Hunger pangs growl Barrabas!
Can I wash my knife of this?


08 2009

theological practitioner

my chompers are sore
i can’t eat no more
so many onion bagels galore

i’ll go to my dentist
the oral hygenist
his god’s on my side (he’s a 7th day adventist)


08 2009

A Simple Request

I’m fine if I’m allergic
To cats or dogs or hay
Or if pollen tends to make my nose all runny
If my tongue starts to swell
From fish that’s in a shell
I’ll just get used to talking kind of funny

I wouldn’t mind if I could die
From just a trace of peanut
Or if I had to live in fear of bees
But please God keep from me
The dreaded allergy
Of fresh baked onion bagel halves and cream cheese


05 2009

A Glorious Reunion

Our faces press together like two halves of the same bagel
rejoined at long last
Nose to cheek to chin to brow
Every bump finding a place to nestle every contour
meeting its mirrored mate
Mouth to mouth to lips
forming that all-important hole
So soft so seamless so perfectly aligned that if Jesus Christ Himself
had been born the Son of a baker instead of a carpenter He still
could not have shaped it better
It is the sweet smell of dough it is the tart taste of onion
It is the red glow of burning coils
and fireworks

I believe our two halves must have been covered in cream cheese ‘cause
I couldn’t pry myself away from you if I tried


05 2009


In the beginning
There was toast
And we looked
And we saw that it was okay

Grain begat flour
Seed begat onion
These begat dough
Which then formed a ring

We baked it
We broke it
We ate it
In remembrance of then
And in thanks of how far we’d come


05 2009

Either Way, I’m Pro-Onion

When does a bagel start to be?
is one of life’s great mysteries

Is dough the only needed thing?
or does it have to be a ring?

Will boiling it a bagel make?
or must it have begun to bake?

Though we may never solve this question
we know that they end with digestion


04 2009

Intelligent Design

Though there are many bagels, with tons of tastes to savor,
I couldn’t shake the feeling there must be a chosen flavor,
The doubters spoke up often, and said No You can’t Never,
But still to find this favored taste became my life’s endeavor,
My science was unfailing, my methods on the level,
They proved beyond suspicion that most bagels were the devil,
I counted and recounted, some seventy times seven,
And now it’s plain to see that onion bagels come from heaven.


04 2009

one sunday

undaunted by the coming rain,
the townfolk threw a party —
whipped dairy toppings for the kids
and smoked fish for the hearty
men who raised the church
and gave their tithes to heaven —
all hearts puffed full like onion bagels,
fermented with leaven


03 2009