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the disappearing light of day

i sat with a bagel
and let it teach me
all it knew

every curve
held a lesson
each bitĀ of onion
contained a truth
the top showed me things
the bottom could not
yet the bottom
shared a wiser view

i discovered
these teachings were lost
perhaps they were
only a dream

in sadness
and silence
and solitude
i ate it
but honestly, it ate me too


02 2009

a bitter bagel to swallow

i wished sincerely
but i fell beneath the stars
i fought for freedom
but i wound up behind bars
i loved completely
but i never was loved back
i planted flowers
but the petals all turned black
i welcomed warmly
but they kicked me to the cold
i cheered the youth on
but they told me i was old
i steered steadfastly
but it only made me carsick
i ordered onion
but i ended up with garlic


02 2009