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Dirty Work – or – Don’t Even Ask What Happened in Rockford

Yanking on my bulbs
Yanking on my bulbs
I’ve got to get this batch of onions shipped off to DeKalb
Call the master freighter
Call the master freighter
He knows how to fill those boxes heading to Decatur
Oiling up my dough
Oiling up my dough
These rings of bread are due tomorrow up in Oswego
Fingering my holes
Fingering my holes
These bagels taste way better than the ones you get in Hull
Sucking cigarettes
Sucking cigarettes
My post-meal bliss should last me all the way to Joliet

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08 2009


my onion bagel is breaded and fried
and crusted with bubbling cheese,
on steaming grits it softly resides,
its hole filled with fresh collard greens

chicken fried memories and larded dreams
greet me with each bite i chew,
and i feel at home on these strange southern streets,
’cause no food says comfort like you


08 2009


My Daddy was a bagelman
way out in Idaho
My Momma worked the onion fields
in old New Mexico
They kissed in Loosiana
with the stars shinin’ above
Raised a baker’s dozen children
filled with hope, cream cheese and love


12 2008