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our world is a bagel
so rich and full of life
it teems with grain and onion
each time you slice your knife

on sad days though it’s empty
like nothing’s even there
a hole inside a bagel
mere wafts of spicy air

but lest these thoughts dismay you
or leave you burnt and numb
remember life’s a bagel
and this plight’s just a crumb


11 2009

The Beginning

Ring that bagel ’round the moon!
Sprinkle the stars with onions!
Cut the comets with butter knives, and
Smother the cosmos in cream cheese!
Plug your toasters into the sun
And dial them up to Darkest!
We’ve got a world of work to do
So we really mustn’t skip breakfast!

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02 2009


they say the fishermen
always see it first
they certainly did this year

through the morning mist
how it shivers and smacks!
a warmness
__hairs arising
a brightness
__eyelids squinting

unkempt nails lose grip of coarse nets
gnarled toothpicks fall fast from slack lips

a vision
what a vision!
soaring up above the sea

now cresting
now filling the sky

the onion bagel sun fills the men with wonder
fills their nets with game
and fills the world with an unrelenting hope
that last year
never knew

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01 2009