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On Being Pungent

I’ve seen them staring
sideways and shifty
eyelids aflutter, thinking
I’d better be subtle
but it’s too late
for the flare of their nostrils
betrays them
What is that smell?
they wonder and
their wandering eyes
inevitably fall
to me

I’ve seen d-i-s-g-u-s-t
written upon their faces
but I
can read
between the lines
I know
those looks
are not for me
but for their friends
for the others for
the public for

For when they draw
closed their
kitchen drapes
these puritanical politicians
these religiously righteous
refusers s-t-o-p
turning up their noses —
they come in close
breathe in deep
and taste
I’ve seen them do it
I’ve seen them all


01 2009