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It was a real bear to get here, too

What’s up with all this fur?
And stuffing? And paws?
And cute little round ears and eyes?

Where are the blueberries?
And onions? And seeds?
Isn’t this the Build-A-Bagel store?

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11 2009

i blame the corpus callosum

right hand palms bagel
left hand saws teeth back and forth
disaster follows

falling onion crumbs pile high
crooked gash proves me inept

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11 2009

poor form –or– the embarrassed eater

to spread
schmear on
my onion bagel,
__i inadvertently
_ _ _and tragically
__went right over
the hole again.
if that glop
drips into
my palm,
i may


10 2009

the day the vampires finally got me

couldn’t find my silver necklace
(the one with garlic bagels on it)

so i wore the gold one
with onion bagels instead

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10 2009

A Lapse in Judgement

Bagel blown to smithereens,
falling onion-flake-filled scenes.

I wish your hole had not fit quite
so well around that dynamite.


07 2009

Conversation Cut Short

I can’t believe what you did to your derm,
Covered with onion bagel tatts so perm!

Cupping your hand to my ear you now murm,
(Those marks aren’t tatts; they’re a case of ringworm.)


07 2009

The Blunder

I bought a buttered bagel
from the baker in my building,
But when I bit that breaded band
it tasted bland and boring

Betting that the baker boiled
a bad batch of his batter,
I barked across the bar that
my bite should have been made better

I’d barely blurted this behest
when back came blistering blame:
This bunch was baked with onion bulbs,
but you bought one marked “Plain”


05 2009