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Owing an apology

I kicked the dog right off the bed late last night
(but animals don’t mind if you’re not polite)
Then I made the kids walk ten miles to school
(’cause seriously, have you seen the prices of fuel?)
I cooked food for me but made none for my spouse
(there was just one onion bagel left in the house)
But I burnt it like I was so terrified of
(oh why must I hurt the ones I truly love?)


07 2009

Green Onion Bagel (I)

It must’ve fallen
from the counter,
and rolled back
here only God
knows when

Breath bated,
I reach behind
the fridge

and bag it


01 2009

The Onion, The Bagel, The Cream Cheese, and The Child Complaining of Hunger Pains

Maybe if you grease me,
I might grill better

Were you to toast me,
I might taste better

Perhaps if you stir me,
I might spread better

If only you would feed me,
I might finally be able to stop suffering from malnutrition


01 2009