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nice try buddy but you ain’t foolin nobody

getta loada dis guy
hay getta loada him
hethinks he’s areal bright guy
but isay he’s real dim

hetalks likehe’s a tough guy
but iknow he’s justbluffin
insteada onion bagels
he atean english muffin


05 2009

Sonnet II

stopping by Starbuck’s showed I was busted
for when I ordered my caffé latte
seems my credit card couldn’t be trusted
’twas on account of the economy

with only cash enough for a bagel
redfaced I hurriedly made for the door
stashed a pistol in my trousers’ leg hole
ran to the bank, made them lay on the floor

“I’ve got a gun! it’s here in my jacket!
now empty the vault! while I take a bite!”
dreams of the wealth I’d make from this racket
stopped short — for my bagel didn’t taste right

cops declared I was easy to run in
(gun in my mouth, and coat smeared with onion)

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01 2009

request from an onion bagel eater

you can tell me that i’m crazy
that i haven’t got a clue,
or argue that i’m stupid
i won’t claim that’s untrue,
feel free to call me ugly
since my eyebrows are askew,
just don’t say that i have bad taste
or darling, we are through


01 2009