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Though some seem full, they have nothing inside

Though some seem full, they have nothing inside
And seek to make this fact one they forget
So very, very many, they have tried

Young babies think they’ll never be denied,
Get handed bottles each time that they fret
Though some seem full, they have nothing inside

So as they’re taught to add, subtract, divide
They also must solve problems like regret
So very, very many, they have tried

The lucky ones find ways to turn this tide,
Get joy from simple foods like the baguette
Though some seem full, they have nothing inside

And from the day such rings are first espied,
Tongues work to taste each flavor they can get
So very, very many, they have tried

But wheat and onion pleasures do subside
And leave the addict facing trial for debt
Though some seem full, they have nothing inside
So very, very many, they have tried


12 2009


i’m stealing this poem from william butler yeats
he wrote this exact thing in eighteen ninety eight
he was all, flurbity blafferly smoo
just like i’m now writing balloobity clood
and he was like, hey, look at me, i’m a poet!
then he took a giant bite from a doughnut
i guess that’s the only place these poems conflict
unlike him i’m an onion bagel addict


10 2009

Sonnet X

I’ve gripped a bagel curve or two before,
And though they all have let me get my fill,
As soon as each one’s gone I just crave more,
Which leaves me in a battle of the will;
For I know I could trace these lines all day,
Caressing them with fingers, lips and tongue,
Live out my years in fresh-baked ecstasy,
‘Til one day I’m no longer fresh and young;
Then, belly full and burping, I’d look back,
At all the onioned rings around my life,
And wonder, did this excess cause some lack,
In love shown to my friends, my kids, my wife?
Such thoughts provoke an emptiness profound,
Yet my mind can’t prevent them spinning round.


10 2009

missing you

thumbnails to fingertips, scrape til it burns
digits twitch hungrily, yearning to hold
cds or tuna cans, small plastic bowls
something worth cradling, holey or no

closing my eyelids tight, nostrils flared wide
scents i can’t live without, glide through my head
hot crunchy cracking crust, oniony dough
make me feel whole again, though just for now


10 2009

onion junkie

he’s an onion junkie
he just can’t get enough
that’s why you shouldn’t ever
get hooked on the stuff

his eyelids twitch and
his palms are all sweaty
he grates it like cheese
onto his spaghetti

in bagels and soups
alone fried and bloomin’
that guy eats more onion
than should any human

he’s dingy and smelly
and looks really strange
ignore what he says
and don’t give him change


09 2009

Sonnet IX

I once had all for which I could have dreamed:
A warm place where my chilled body could toast,
My crust was hale; my cheese was soft and creamed
And there! My better half that I loved most

But fast like startled dough my fortunes fell
With flesh, once fresh, turned stale and hard as stone;
She parted without even a farewell
Leaving me bitter, broken and alone

Now as I drink away my passing years
(Enough to make a dozen men go blind),
My glass collects these falling onion tears
While just one slurring thought rolls round my mind:

Perhaps she would still be with me tonight,
If we’d have borne a mini bagel bite.


09 2009