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Tanka #3

Which bagel to choose:
Plain, wheat, garlic, blueberry?
Indecision kills –
Some hand plucks the last onion,
Rue the one that got away.


09 2009

Olde Town

I dropped my bag upon the cobblestone,
And all my cherished things were strewn about:
My phone and wallet, sunglasses and keys,
A tin of breath mints I’d not opened yet,
Some tokens for the bus I had to take,
And flowers for the girl I’d ride it to,
A nearly finished thesis manuscript,
My passport, birth certificate, false teeth,
(Some real teeth and a couple fingertips)
And several handfuls of pure gold doubloons.

Though this did not upset me much at all,
I wept to see my onion bagel fall.

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09 2009

Sonnet IX

I once had all for which I could have dreamed:
A warm place where my chilled body could toast,
My crust was hale; my cheese was soft and creamed
And there! My better half that I loved most

But fast like startled dough my fortunes fell
With flesh, once fresh, turned stale and hard as stone;
She parted without even a farewell
Leaving me bitter, broken and alone

Now as I drink away my passing years
(Enough to make a dozen men go blind),
My glass collects these falling onion tears
While just one slurring thought rolls round my mind:

Perhaps she would still be with me tonight,
If we’d have borne a mini bagel bite.


09 2009

breakfast on the balcony

this brown paper bag
is warm to the touch
fingertips tickled
by hot steam and such
the heat gets so great
that i’m losing my clutch —
farewell, onion bagel
i loved you so much


07 2009

Don’t Do This (II)

I counted my onion bagels before they boiled
1 bagel, 2 bagel, 3 bagel, 4 (!)

One fell on the ground and got totally soiled
1 bagel, 2 bagel, 3 (and no more)

My tongue-wagging dog soaked another in slobber
1 bagel, 2 bagel (oh how depressin’)

Then the last two got snatched by a breakfast food robber
0 bagels left (but I learned a good lesson!)

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04 2009