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Sonnet II

stopping by Starbuck’s showed I was busted
for when I ordered my caffé latte
seems my credit card couldn’t be trusted
’twas on account of the economy

with only cash enough for a bagel
redfaced I hurriedly made for the door
stashed a pistol in my trousers’ leg hole
ran to the bank, made them lay on the floor

“I’ve got a gun! it’s here in my jacket!
now empty the vault! while I take a bite!”
dreams of the wealth I’d make from this racket
stopped short — for my bagel didn’t taste right

cops declared I was easy to run in
(gun in my mouth, and coat smeared with onion)

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01 2009

Sonnet I

I stood one winter by the river’s bank,
And gazed across at the thickening ice.
I had my Lord and my baker to thank,
For my meal was warm, so toasty and nice.
It smelled of onions, life’s richest bouquet,
Its skin shimmered brown beneath the sun’s glow.
Though heav’nly bodies I dare not betray,
I swear I beheld it melting the snow!
The blanket of white was thinned to a sheet,
And life anew arose hysterical,
Up sprouted shrubbery, grasses and wheat:
Eden reborn, a wond’rous miracle!
Soon that frozen river babbled once more,
And I swam safely to the other shore.


01 2009