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off to the pool

stuffed in the back seat
the four of us ride
our summer shined skin
sticks to the seat’s hide
and to one another
at shoulders and knees
heads tilt toward the window
in search of cool breeze
there aren’t enough seat belts
but we feel no scare
like bagged onion bagels
we’re going nowhere


11 2009

summertime reminders

onion bagels
lying by the pool
glistening with body butter
and baking in the sun

don’t forget to flip over, bagels!

and go see a specialist
if an onion spot changes shape.


06 2009


i drove my auto through the night
one blustery winter’s eve
the gusts gave press with all their might
i scarcely could believe
just when my arms were near to break
from tugging on the wheel
i spied a falling white snowflake
(at least i did so feel)
but as it neared the roadway shale
that dot grew much in size
and turned into a stone of hail
before my very eyes
i tried to swerve and miss its path
but it could not be done
it struck my hood with such a wrath
the shot rang like a gun
i stopped the car and out i went
needing to look twice
at the big, bashed bagel-shaped dent
and onion-sized ball of ice


03 2009

spring cleaning

you find
a bagel

you are
the couch cushions

do not
shed a tear

if it
is onion,
shed several.

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03 2009

wichita, ks

i remember when this was just meadows
not a condo or strip mall in sight
just a colorful flash of birds’ feathers
and the flit of a young child’s kite

but change fluttered in with the winter wind
and onion seeds came along too
before i had reached my childhood’s end
fragrant bulbs frequently grew

these days the smell from the flour mill
brings the answer to every boy’s prayer
when crossing the field with your kite in tow
the bagels, sweet bagels are everywhere


03 2009

Sonnet I

I stood one winter by the river’s bank,
And gazed across at the thickening ice.
I had my Lord and my baker to thank,
For my meal was warm, so toasty and nice.
It smelled of onions, life’s richest bouquet,
Its skin shimmered brown beneath the sun’s glow.
Though heav’nly bodies I dare not betray,
I swear I beheld it melting the snow!
The blanket of white was thinned to a sheet,
And life anew arose hysterical,
Up sprouted shrubbery, grasses and wheat:
Eden reborn, a wond’rous miracle!
Soon that frozen river babbled once more,
And I swam safely to the other shore.


01 2009