Enlightening the World, One Bite at a Time

This bagel sitting before me,
is better than I’ll ever be;
For I’m a statue, so lazy,
just watching refuse on TV;
Yet it smells sweet and oniony,
and offers up this guarantee:

“Bring to me all your hungry,
your twisted tummies too achy;
I lift my lamp for these to see
a tasty way to set thee free!”

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01 2009

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    Coucou tout le monde,Bravo Jordan pour ton article, bien ficelé, présenté écrit innovant…Enfin merci beaucoup. Je vais essayer dès que possible.A bientôt.Gwen

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    how about truckers will we be able to carry our weapons with us and it not be a violation as we too frequent bad neighborhoods and sick towns with folks just out to rob you….

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