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an eye, an ear

you, my toasty canvas
both medium, and muse
guiding my bristleless brush
over thick froths of white

each day your gift:
another chance to create
to swirl what once was straight,
to spread what should be thin

on good days
i am salvador,
brow cocked to consider
how onions
and bagels
might over mesas drape

on bad days
i slice my thumb,
but know it could be worse
(right, vincent?)

untopple that easel!
for nine digits,
and your other half,

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08 2009

great american works

framed paintings
up on the wall
hundreds like them
just down the hall

many sculptures
out on display
bronze, ivory,
marble and clay

bold photos
large and well-lit
thoughtful viewers
ponder and sit

but out in the lobby
on the food cart
a fresh onion bagel
— now that is art!



04 2009

blogmaster #1!!!

my bagel blog is going strog
it gets mo hits than that sk8boarding dog

read my posts n yo mind will boggle
if u dont bleave me look it up on goggle

i brake da newz just like perez
and my bannrs earn lrge chedder chese

my bagel vids get wachted a ton n
like “mentos & plain” and “2 girls 1 onion”

ok im lyin nobuddy reads it
sideways sad face ctrl-alt-delede it

w/all this typos itll nvr get big
can i has sum sorta spell-check on this thig?

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04 2009

the impatient poet – or – perhaps it’s time to update the DSM-IV

i’m sorry, doctor, but it’s happening again
what is this, eleven, twelve times in a row?
i swear i’m not trying to sway this exam
i’m simply reciting the objects you show

another, now another, i can’t take much more
oh please won’t you finally tell me we’re through?
these sessions are making me crazier than before—
that ink blot looks just like an onion bagel too!


01 2009