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Falling off a bike

happens in a vacuum —
launching forward
through soundless space,
head then feet then helmet
then head then feet

limp body
looping like a bagel,
silent gasp trailing from
gaping mouth

then fall

sound returns
with a punch to the lungs,
a patch of angry gravel,
and a fresh-baked batch
of bloody onion bruises


08 2009

an eye, an ear

you, my toasty canvas
both medium, and muse
guiding my bristleless brush
over thick froths of white

each day your gift:
another chance to create
to swirl what once was straight,
to spread what should be thin

on good days
i am salvador,
brow cocked to consider
how onions
and bagels
might over mesas drape

on bad days
i slice my thumb,
but know it could be worse
(right, vincent?)

untopple that easel!
for nine digits,
and your other half,

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08 2009

The Call

I called 911, fearing the chef was dead,
Cause he slipped on an onion and fell on his head,
I had no first aid kit or hospital bed,
Just kitchen utensils and dough for ringed bread.

Luckily the voice told me just what to do,
Had me form a bagel big enough for two,
It rose ’round his neck so I think he’ll pull through,
‘Cause this brace keeps his head from moving fro and to.


08 2009

Sweet, Sweet Onion Bagel Memories (Are All That I Have Left)

My first bite of bagel burnt the tip of my tongue,
so to cool it I blew all the air from my lung.

The next bite was so hot it scalded my lip,
so I sent it to Iceland on a simmer-down trip.

The steam from bite three felt like fire on my face,
so I built it a rocket and launched it through space.

Now my wounds have healed and my bagel’s no more,
yet I find myself longing for bite number four.


07 2009

a not unrealistic prediction based on the undeniable frailty of human life

bagel bones break easily
‘neath crusts that crack and tear freely
if i could the near future see
i’d know that was the fate for me

my skin will peel in warm sunshine
and bleed like onions on the vine
’til wolves and wives and worms come dine
on these brittle bagel bones of mine

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06 2009

Dude with a neck Band-Aid

hey Dude
what’s shakin
and why is there a Band-Aid
on your neck?

odd place for a Band-Aid
if you ask me
seein as i’ve
never needed one there before

did Somebody
with a bread knife
mistake your neck for a bagel
or somethin?

i’m just glad that bagels
don’t have
Jugular Veins
blood and onion don’t mix


04 2009

Bagel-Shaped Scar

it’s right there
on her arm
says she won’t
discuss it

but when she
smells onions
or hears a
toaster pop

the twitch in
her eyelid
tells me some-
day she might

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04 2009