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I’m the boss here
So do things my way,
You boil what I want
And bake when I say

Your hat is white paper
Your apron is checkered,
Keep them both clean
Or it goes on your record

If I find an onion
In the poppy seed station,
You won’t get a warning
You’ll be on probation

If my yeast goes bad
‘Cause you overstocked,
I’m not even joking
Your paycheck gets docked

Don’t bring me cream cheese
When I wanted schmear,
One phone call from me
Could destroy your career

Just keep the holes hollow
And your attitude in line,
Don’t ever dare cross me
And you’ll do just fine


09 2009

the knife unguided

some days it’s hard to stay centered
even when you feel quite sharp
you just lose the grip on your handle
and find yourself someplace so dark

your blade’s edge veers far from the middle
and slices too close to one side
succumbing to such an imbalance
each oniony cut makes you cry

forethoughtless you throw yourself forward
right into that toaster abyss
but half of you never feels warmer
and the other half burns to a crisp


09 2009