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a simple misunderstanding

the coffee shop hadn’t a toaster
and all their bagels were plain
pale pathetic and frigid rings
wrapped up in tight cellophane

cold were the shivers this sent to me
freezing the spine in my back
how could a business still operate
with such an obvious lack?

no answer from the barista
gazing with big doughy eyes
half of me thought i would hear from her
do i with that want some fries?

lifeless and bleak was the future
in such a desolate place
no crumbs to clean from the toaster tray
no onion mess on my face

that’s why i doused it with gasoline
struck the matchbook and then ran
– not ‘cause the doe-eyed barista
jilted me for my best man


12 2009

another day, another loss, another half-hearted attempt at optimism

baby be brave
be bold and be strong
it’s not as bad as you think
sometimes the suffering
seems so severe
it sends you right to the brink
but try not to tumble
or turn toward the hurt
time can repair how you ail
whatever your woes are
it could be worse
it’s not like your onion bagel’s stale


11 2009

the knife unguided

some days it’s hard to stay centered
even when you feel quite sharp
you just lose the grip on your handle
and find yourself someplace so dark

your blade’s edge veers far from the middle
and slices too close to one side
succumbing to such an imbalance
each oniony cut makes you cry

forethoughtless you throw yourself forward
right into that toaster abyss
but half of you never feels warmer
and the other half burns to a crisp


09 2009

Sonnet VIII

The State came knocking, pounding on the door,
And when they busted through found quite a mess:
A dozen bagels strewn across the floor,
In varied, lurid stages of undress.

But far worse was an onion sliced in two,
With what they deemed was no remorse at all;
Its skin was slathered with a cream cheese glue,
That kept each half stuck to the kitchen wall.

The agents clenched their fists and cried Why, Lord?
Their souls were shattered, battered with self doubt;
One tried to hang himself with toaster cord,
Until the wiser, other belted out:

Without us there could never justice be —
These bagels need protective custody!


07 2009


When half my bagel’s been eaten right through
I usually say it just can’t be true

When half my bagel is chewed up and gone
I scream and throw objects out on the lawn

When half my bagel’s been shoved down my sac
I would do anything to get it back

When half my bagel succumbs to my bite
I weep onion tears the rest of the night

Yet deep down in my stomach’s heart I know
When half of it’s gone, there’s still half to go


06 2009