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apparently, i’m twelve

something smells
and i can’t tell
if it’s just me
or this bakery
’cause onion frames
have scents the same
from their fresh-baked start
to my post-meal fart


08 2009

anatomically correct

peel me like onions
to see what’s inside:
hair, outer
veins, inner
in between, hide

deeper than these lies
my digestive sac:
crust, outside
dough, inside
sweet onion snack

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08 2009

eat me

chop me into pieces
scald me with your flames
chew me ’til i’ll never form
that ringéd shape again

break me down with acid
digest me in your gut
then turn my carbs to cellulite
on your lumpy onion butt



06 2009

the comeback – or – what is whitesnake eating right now anyway?

i don’t know what i’m eatin’
but i sure know what i ate
burpin’ up the onion gas
from bread rings of yesterday

now i know how it feels
to taste again my long since finished meal

here it comes again

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06 2009

Belly Bomber –or– What are Fred Schneider, Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson Gonna’ Eat for Breakfast Now?

I ate me a bagel
was as big as a house
and it’s heading on down
my digestive tract

I had me a bagel
coulda’ fed about twenty
but I ate it all
and now my burps taste oniony

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03 2009