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am pm

breakfast bite

with me
through the night

snores reach
such extremes

fill my dreams

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09 2009

onion junkie

he’s an onion junkie
he just can’t get enough
that’s why you shouldn’t ever
get hooked on the stuff

his eyelids twitch and
his palms are all sweaty
he grates it like cheese
onto his spaghetti

in bagels and soups
alone fried and bloomin’
that guy eats more onion
than should any human

he’s dingy and smelly
and looks really strange
ignore what he says
and don’t give him change


09 2009

apparently, i’m twelve

something smells
and i can’t tell
if it’s just me
or this bakery
’cause onion frames
have scents the same
from their fresh-baked start
to my post-meal fart


08 2009

Tanka #1

ears have heard no ding
nostrils have whiffed no onion
yet i know it’s time
kitchenward my clock takes me
i sense my bagel is done

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08 2009

Consider Your Resale Value Increased

If you want to smell pine trees, move to the forest,
A grove full of lemons is an olfactory bore-fest,
Flowery fragrances just aren’t up to par,
And your beater should not have the scent of new car.

So if you seek fresh auto air you’ll revere,
Just hang an onion bagel from your rearview mirror.

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07 2009

Scent by Numbers

At mile marker 98
just past Route 42
I like to put the windows down
and let fresh air blow through

First I pass the rows of corn
tall and green like trees
Their smell, though nice, sticks in my teeth
so I give them a “3”

Next up is the berry patch
a sweet and fragrant heaven
But too much sugar rots my nose
still they get a “7”

Finally the onion fields
come up around the bend
Their pungent, piercing, bold bouquet
earns them a perfect “10”

I breathe in deep and scrunch my nose
just like Robert DeNiro
Until I pass the cattle ranch —
with its stinky, bagel “Zero”


05 2009