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i fill you up

i fill you up
with onion layers
crust and carbs and cream cheese
i fill you up
with fragrant flavors
pleasing tongue and taste buds
i fill you up
in many ways
and whenever you want it
and though i’m glad
to fill you up
i stay forever empty


11 2009

dreamless sleep

dreamless sleep

a dog without a tongue
an unpotted plant
cream cheese smothering the cold, heartless onion bagel that is my life
that isn’t even there

the only sleep i ever know


09 2009

considering an absence

circles concentric
hole within a whole

a fullness
around an emptiness
replacing one with the other
inside me

from crust to bread
to crust to air,
layered like the bulbs
that flavor it

it is many things
yet it is defined by what it is not

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07 2009

the grind

working weeks are long and drab
they seem to never end
you run in circles five days straight
then monday start again

try as you might to spice things up
they stay so very plain
you rise, you eat, you work, you sleep
then do it all again

though weekends mean to be more fun
the job’s taken a toll
too tired to raise a toast all night
you crawl back to your hole

and buried with the bulbs dimmed low
mere sleep becomes your goal
’til monday’s work awakens
in your heart a gaping hole


06 2009

Sonnet IV

I peered inside an onion bagel hole
To see what was in there for me to spy
But wound up staring straight into my soul
And learned that my whole life had been a lie
For though I showed the world I was a roll
Complete and filled with substance far and nigh
Beneath the surface I lacked all control
And if you had a keen discerning eye
You’d see that I could never reach my goal
And sadly that no matter how I try
A hollowness as fierce and black as coal
Would surely burn inside me ’til I die

Although this left me shattered and destroyed
I shrugged and kept on falling through the void


03 2009