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considering an absence

circles concentric
hole within a whole

a fullness
around an emptiness
replacing one with the other
inside me

from crust to bread
to crust to air,
layered like the bulbs
that flavor it

it is many things
yet it is defined by what it is not

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07 2009

Haiku #8

Onion bagel pair
From above: infinity
Edible karma


07 2009

The Bagel of Love

My love for you’s a circle
a never-ending ring
As soon as I complete it
I start circling again
Before long I get dizzy
and back and forth I sway
But still I keep on loving you
until I can’t see straight
At some point I get spin-sick
start hacking up a lung
I black out then come to face down
in half-digested onion
Yet I know it’s all worth it
for you’re my favorite thing
I’ll shower off then get right back
to loving you again

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04 2009

high rise

steaming stack
of onion bagels
towering toward
the sky
your scope
is stirring
your highness
is humbling
your aroma
arouses all

i think
you are quite
an erection

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04 2009

Observing the Slow-Motion Fall of a Bagel Into a Pool of Milk

rotating, arcing
against a void, a blankness
a wall
its shiny skin
reflecting light
from a bulb
bending it, turning it
now it is soft
now it is still soft
and now
it is harsher
that bulb must be
a thousand watts
of hot

and now it is gone

and the light brown circle
now oval
now circle again
is about
to reach
the surface
it is a circle
it is an oval
and we hold
our breath
in anticipation


curving walls
of white
snake up
snake down
the ring
and tosses
some more

but now
it rests
it floats
and a thousand tiny ripples
run out from it
run away from it

they run
until they are gone
like so many
we once had


03 2009