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a possible explanation as to why i woke up shouting “onion!” this morning

last night i dreamed
of two blades that gleamed
the first one sliced through a cheese that creamed

the second seemed
to be horror themed
when it cut the crust my bagel screamed

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07 2009

“Pardon me, but these are not onions on my bagel”

My body’s been defeated
My mind just feels deflated
It’s like the waiter squatted on my meal and defecated


06 2009

Bagel Horror Movie Prequels

Can breathe

Fresh air
Into a stale series,

Plus show how all that onion dough
Got cursed

In the first place.

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06 2009

Bagel Horror Movie Sequels

Show lots more

And dried up
Onion bits

Than the originals.

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06 2009

Bagel Horror Movies

Tend to include

Serrated knives,
Chase scenes through onion fields,
And toasters rigged

Not to pop.


06 2009