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I hate football

Crooked referees with your pocket full of lies
Revising history right before my very eyes

Saying plays are legal even though they’re not allowed
Showing zero shame in pandering to the home crowd

You clearly have no problem selling out your very souls
I bet you’d even call my onion bagels jelly rolls

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09 2009


this juice is too pulpy
these eggs are too dry
those flakes are too corny
that toast is too rye
this bacon’s too greasy
that hash is too browned
this bagel’s too spicy,
and also too round


08 2009

Damn You, Silverfish, Damn You!

This is super creepy
I wanna leave the room
I feel like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom

My knife is all apolished
The cream cheese is ajiggle
But I’m pretty sure I saw my bagel kinda wiggle

Now I’m looking closer
My nose scrunches and scrugs
What I thought were onions are a thousand tiny bugs!



07 2009

“Pardon me, but these are not onions on my bagel”

My body’s been defeated
My mind just feels deflated
It’s like the waiter squatted on my meal and defecated


06 2009