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The God’s Honest Truth

‘Twas yesterday I kissed the stone
high upon the tower
And though I could not have been gone
e’en more than an hour
Its wond’rous spirit did come down
filling me with power
To charm the skin off an onion
and sell a bag’l flour

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03 2009

Sworn Testimony of the Accused Onion Bagel

I cannot tell a lie
I have no alibi
For the night the murder took place
And although it seems damning
I have been seen slamming
Beer bottles in the deceased’s face
You see, when I’m drinking
I sometimes stop thinking
That vice I do surely possess
But as for this crime
You’re wasting your time
If you think that this bagel will confess
Instead my suggestion
Is for you to question
What made your detectives so sloppy
It takes not a sleuth
To uncover the truth
Since your crime scene is plastered with poppy


01 2009