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a simple misunderstanding

the coffee shop hadn’t a toaster
and all their bagels were plain
pale pathetic and frigid rings
wrapped up in tight cellophane

cold were the shivers this sent to me
freezing the spine in my back
how could a business still operate
with such an obvious lack?

no answer from the barista
gazing with big doughy eyes
half of me thought i would hear from her
do i with that want some fries?

lifeless and bleak was the future
in such a desolate place
no crumbs to clean from the toaster tray
no onion mess on my face

that’s why i doused it with gasoline
struck the matchbook and then ran
– not ‘cause the doe-eyed barista
jilted me for my best man


12 2009

Weather, Or Not

This hillside is burning, and so is my heart
With homes, and relationships, falling apart
The things we once cherished are those we now harm
As fire trucks, and consciences, sound their alarm
Our tree trunks, and dreams for the future, are charred
Reduced to a pile of ash in the yard
Was the culprit a toaster set too far to dark?
Or a boiling hot, spiced bagel of a remark?


08 2009


this is important:
the water must be warm
the yeast must be dry
the dough must rise for about an hour

this means something:
i call but no answer
i wait for the tone
i try again in thirty minutes

this is important:
the salt must be kosher
the onions must be toasted
the rings must rise again, half as long as before

this means something:
you say you’re not home
your car’s in your driveway
your silhouette’s in your window, dancing

this is important:
the water must be sugared
the sheet must be greased
the oven must be preheated to 400 degrees

this means something:
the fire alarms blare
the ambulance arrives late
the police say it was all an accident


05 2009

first, the bad news:

the dealer’s corpse was rotting at a quite alarming rate
i couldn’t get the bags of blow to all fit in their crate
on accident i handcuffed my own ankle to the grate
and my partner in a panic crashed our car right out the gate

the fire from the hill was now engulfing the estate
and the sirens in the distance signaled our impending date
i didn’t have much choice but to accept my destined fate
so i grabbed an onion bagel, said a prayer of thanks and ate

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02 2009

murder at 425º – or – what’s barry mcguire gonna’ eat for breakfast now?

watch out, woman
cause there’s a burning inside-a me
there’s a fire down deep
and it’s create-n a heat
that you ain’t gonna wan-na see no part of

look out, brotha
cause my temperature’s outta control
my wiring’s all shot
and i’m toast-n too hot
and i ain’t got no problem with burnt onions

cool it, barry
cause destruction is what i know most
my blood’s so mad
it feels like incinerate-n
and your bagel’s about-ta be toast

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12 2008