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Something in Your Voice

You said “The weather’s changing”
but something in your voice
told me that’s not all you had to tell
And so on the potential
sad and tragic meanings
of that comment I began to dwell

Some sickness in your body
depression in your mind
surely were the things you could not say
I felt my spine a-shiver
and swallowed hard with dread
about your soon upcoming dying day

Though loathe to face this future
I looked into your eyes
thinking you would need to be consoled
But saw that onion bagels
had filled your cheeks and throat
and realized that you’d only meant “It’s cold”


11 2009


i drove my auto through the night
one blustery winter’s eve
the gusts gave press with all their might
i scarcely could believe
just when my arms were near to break
from tugging on the wheel
i spied a falling white snowflake
(at least i did so feel)
but as it neared the roadway shale
that dot grew much in size
and turned into a stone of hail
before my very eyes
i tried to swerve and miss its path
but it could not be done
it struck my hood with such a wrath
the shot rang like a gun
i stopped the car and out i went
needing to look twice
at the big, bashed bagel-shaped dent
and onion-sized ball of ice


03 2009

one sunday

undaunted by the coming rain,
the townfolk threw a party —
whipped dairy toppings for the kids
and smoked fish for the hearty
men who raised the church
and gave their tithes to heaven —
all hearts puffed full like onion bagels,
fermented with leaven


03 2009