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It’s been a long week here in the bagel taste-testing offices

Oh, what a mess of work in my inbox,
Cheeses, butters, herbed schmears and lox,
And bagels, of course, piled high as Fort Knox,
My burden weighs heavy, like cart to the ox.

But oxen can carry much more than they know,
Inspiring workers with all that they hoe,
So I’ll taste these baked rings of oniony dough,
And send each, once bitten, to the outbox below.

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07 2009

please ignore the cannibalistic overtones

busy little bagel
buzzing like a bee
trying to fill these toasters
and spread all that cream chee

if you can’t get them finished
for this morning’s meal
i’m afraid your little
onion brain is gonna peel!

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06 2009