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another day, another loss, another half-hearted attempt at optimism

baby be brave
be bold and be strong
it’s not as bad as you think
sometimes the suffering
seems so severe
it sends you right to the brink
but try not to tumble
or turn toward the hurt
time can repair how you ail
whatever your woes are
it could be worse
it’s not like your onion bagel’s stale


11 2009

It’s been a long week here in the bagel taste-testing offices

Oh, what a mess of work in my inbox,
Cheeses, butters, herbed schmears and lox,
And bagels, of course, piled high as Fort Knox,
My burden weighs heavy, like cart to the ox.

But oxen can carry much more than they know,
Inspiring workers with all that they hoe,
So I’ll taste these baked rings of oniony dough,
And send each, once bitten, to the outbox below.

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07 2009


Whenever you feel down and out
Like your yeast will never rise,
And day-old plains with warm cream cheese
Are all your money buys

Remember that the world spins round
Like a perfectly shaped ring,
And the onion bagel inside of you
Means you can do anything


05 2009

The Spice

Into each bagel some onions must fall
But that doesn’t mean you should fear them at all
Although they seem bitter they’re really quite small
Besides — life without them would be plainly dull

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03 2009