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Limerick #7

Today when I sat down to breakfast
I threw a gosh darn bullshoot heck fest
I had to complain,
For my bagel was plain –
What a hot tranny onionless wrecked mess

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09 2009

old racist bagel

damn those dark and dirty wheats
they’re rotten to the core,
and damn those queer blueberry fruits
what’d they move here for?
damn likewise all the cinnamons
they’re lazy and they’re cheap,
those spineless eggs could damn themselves
if they weren’t such yellow sheep,
and damn those onions most of all
with their pungent ethnic smell,
there’s no place left for plains these days
— this bakery’s gone to hell


08 2009


When half my bagel’s been eaten right through
I usually say it just can’t be true

When half my bagel is chewed up and gone
I scream and throw objects out on the lawn

When half my bagel’s been shoved down my sac
I would do anything to get it back

When half my bagel succumbs to my bite
I weep onion tears the rest of the night

Yet deep down in my stomach’s heart I know
When half of it’s gone, there’s still half to go


06 2009

you’re lucky you’re so oniony

bad bagel!
bad bad bad!
you are a very bad
bad bad bagel!

bad bagel!


who am i kidding?

i can’t stay
at you



03 2009

murder at 425º – or – what’s barry mcguire gonna’ eat for breakfast now?

watch out, woman
cause there’s a burning inside-a me
there’s a fire down deep
and it’s create-n a heat
that you ain’t gonna wan-na see no part of

look out, brotha
cause my temperature’s outta control
my wiring’s all shot
and i’m toast-n too hot
and i ain’t got no problem with burnt onions

cool it, barry
cause destruction is what i know most
my blood’s so mad
it feels like incinerate-n
and your bagel’s about-ta be toast

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12 2008