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About My Bagel

My bagel’s so fresh, like a young baby foal
My bagel’s so wild, onions out of control
My bagel’s so smooth, it should be in a bowl
My bagel’s so rich, it could charge you a toll
My bagel’s so driven, it can reach any goal
My bagel’s so sexy, it’s got a crust mole
My bagel’s so toasty, it’s blacker than coal
My bagel’s so hot, it should stop drop and roll


05 2009

Big Ol’ Bagel

i want a big ol’ bagel
at breakfast time
snag a big ol’ bagel
from the five and dime
grab a big ol’ bagel
onions and cream cheese
toast that big ol’ bagel
if you don’t mind please
bag my big ol’ bagel
takin’ it to go
’cause this big ol’ bagel
is the best i know

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05 2009


In the beginning
There was toast
And we looked
And we saw that it was okay

Grain begat flour
Seed begat onion
These begat dough
Which then formed a ring

We baked it
We broke it
We ate it
In remembrance of then
And in thanks of how far we’d come


05 2009