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Dante knows what I’m talking about

I’m cooking with SatanĀ in the bowels of Hell
A kitchen so heated even souls perspire
Watching the dough rise with the angel who fell

But each time I reach for those treats I desire
Oniony bagels that tempt me eternal
His devilish toaster pops out rings of fire

Damn this unworking appliance infernal!
(Yet it’s meaningless to at Lucifer yell)
I’ll just write this grievance down in my journal
Then go to bed hungry once more in my cell


08 2009

The Parting

I sliced through my bagel, onions and all,
watching two halves flank my knife and then fall;
And there in that instant, decided that I
should not stop myself with a severance so small.

My hand sent the blade crashing down through the plate,
its shattering tune did my eardrums elate;
I turned to the counter, told it goodbye,
and threw myself headlong at my now sealed fate.

Sawing through cupboards and saucepans and grills,
never before had life borne such thrills;
Down through the floorboards my dagger did fly
digging deeper and darker than oilmen’s drills.

Through the earth’s layers my bayonet burst,
’til into the caverns of Hell I’d immersed;
Hungering now in the fires I just sigh,
why didn’t I think to eat breakfast first?

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06 2009


the first tear came from chopping onions
but the ones that came next:
salty memories
long forgotten
straight from hell
or middle school
(she wasn’t sure which)

part of her wished she hadn’t remembered at all

next time
she’d make sesame bagels


12 2008