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The Parting

I sliced through my bagel, onions and all,
watching two halves flank my knife and then fall;
And there in that instant, decided that I
should not stop myself with a severance so small.

My hand sent the blade crashing down through the plate,
its shattering tune did my eardrums elate;
I turned to the counter, told it goodbye,
and threw myself headlong at my now sealed fate.

Sawing through cupboards and saucepans and grills,
never before had life borne such thrills;
Down through the floorboards my dagger did fly
digging deeper and darker than oilmen’s drills.

Through the earth’s layers my bayonet burst,
’til into the caverns of Hell I’d immersed;
Hungering now in the fires I just sigh,
why didn’t I think to eat breakfast first?

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06 2009

a not unrealistic prediction based on the undeniable frailty of human life

bagel bones break easily
‘neath crusts that crack and tear freely
if i could the near future see
i’d know that was the fate for me

my skin will peel in warm sunshine
and bleed like onions on the vine
’til wolves and wives and worms come dine
on these brittle bagel bones of mine

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06 2009


not the silly car i drove
or the goofy hair i had
not the food we didn’t eat
or the movie that was bad
not the single-gendered dorm
with girls passing in the hall
not the rectress around the corner
watching one and all
not even the smell of onion bagels
from the garbage bin
could keep our lips from touching
once our romance did begin

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04 2009

first, the bad news:

the dealer’s corpse was rotting at a quite alarming rate
i couldn’t get the bags of blow to all fit in their crate
on accident i handcuffed my own ankle to the grate
and my partner in a panic crashed our car right out the gate

the fire from the hill was now engulfing the estate
and the sirens in the distance signaled our impending date
i didn’t have much choice but to accept my destined fate
so i grabbed an onion bagel, said a prayer of thanks and ate

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02 2009