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cleaning the toaster

cleaning the toaster
a life turned upside down
forgotten memories,
crusty onion crumbs,
falling fast to the counter below

you wonder
which is shaken more –
this handy appliance,
or your very soul?


11 2009

the loneliest bagel

once, we were six
all stacked in our sack
the closest of friends there could be

but each one got picked
made into a snack
and now all that’s left is just me

their scent lingers still
a strong onion smell
that oft makes me tear up and wail

i fear that i will
stay trapped in this cell
til time, and fresh air, turn me stale


07 2009

The Bagelor

First he picked the Sesame
but when he sent the Other away,
The rivers pouring from his eyes
his true feelings did betray

The memories of departed love
were not ones he could shake,
So when he had a second chance
he said this was a mistake

He broke the fresh-baked Bagel heart
of the first one that he chose,
Then wisely offered his Onion love
the last and final rose


03 2009

Digging a Tunnel

I’m digging a tunnel
From my heart to yours
To carve out this pathway
I’m fighting on all fours

Reminds me of digging
That I did once before
Through an onion bagel
Inside the grocery store

I tore out one section
Just to get it started
Then dug with my finger
Until the insides parted

Before long I had a
Hollow bagel in my cart
Too bad it’s much tougher
For me to win your heart

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02 2009

Sonnet III

When I was schooling in halls so hallow,
my pale young body was softer than now,
Name-calling bullies taunted Moo! and Cow!
comments I took to be somewhat shallow
I’d lie awake by the flick’ring tallow,
years of frustration furrowing my brow,
wanting to break free—yet not knowing how—
from flesh that felt like spongy marshmallow

These days such mem’ries seem irrelevant,
my current physique is sculpted from oak
But though I am strong as an elephant,
a soft onion bagel still can evoke
pain that propels me down on hell’s descent—
to my old body, the butt of a joke


02 2009


the first tear came from chopping onions
but the ones that came next:
salty memories
long forgotten
straight from hell
or middle school
(she wasn’t sure which)

part of her wished she hadn’t remembered at all

next time
she’d make sesame bagels


12 2008